Monday, 30 July 2012


Step by Step process of painting a Madhubani styled Fish

PS: This was a quickie project (10 mins) and I very boldly used a gel pen .. Excuse me for the imperfections

This style is typically characterized by a double border that gives it a almost 3-dimensional look. Also pay attention to the typical motifs & designs.

I hope this step by step guide is helpful in teaching young kids to make one of their own. While on this subject, Do take out time to explore other contexts
What is Folk art?
Which part of Indian is famous for this style of folk art?
Which characters are typically painted?
How similar or dissimilar it is to other folk arts near this region?
Are there different styles within madhubani . If so, whats the difference between them?
What is the typical folk attire of that region?
What is the typical food style & occupation of the region?

If art is understood in these ways, in terms of its functions, in terms of what it's for, in terms of why it's made and displayed, we have a solid and rich foundation upon which art appreciation will thrive

Source: Google..                                                                                          RamkumarDas.

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  1. I have always loved this art but never got the opportunity to learn this. I am from laheriasari, darbhanga but now lives in england.Ram kumar ji, is there any way I can learn this? Please show me some path.



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