Tuesday, 23 October 2012

MITHILA PAINTINGSPresented by women from Mithila

                                 MITHILA PAINTING
                                 Presented by women from Mithila


For centuries, the women of the Mithila region of northern Bihar and southern Nepal have done wall and floor paintings on the occasion of marriages and other domestic rituals. These paintings, inside their homes, on the internal and external walls of their compounds, and on the ground inside or around their homes, create sacred, protective, and auspicious spaces for their families and their rituals. Although the images were similar, women of different castes developed distinctive styles of painting.

Many women have been recognized as artists of national and international stature. Furthermore, women of several castes, are now painting which brought diversity in designs and motifs used, along with the subject matter of the paintings has expanded to include ancient epics, local legends and tales, domestic, rural, and community life, ritual, local, national, and international politics, as well as the painters' own life stories. Artists of different castes and genders are now borrowing themes and styles from one another. Mithila painting has demonstrated extraordinary vitality and become a vibrant and aesthetically powerful tradition.

These paintings, containing sacred symbols, are believed to bring good luck and prosperity in the household.  When used on fabric, they bring style statement with a gracious combination of ethnicity and modernity. The women in Keoti, a village in North Bihar, are engaged in making these beautiful paintings, which can adorn your walls or become your style statement, while you contribute towards their livelihood with dignity.


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