Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Mithila Paintings: Background

The Mithila painting is one of the living creative activities of the women of this region. It is a famous folk painting on paper, cloth, readymade garments, movable objects etc., mainly by the village women of Mithila. Originally it is a folk art, practiced by the women of all castes and communities, including the Muslims, on walls and floors using the natural and vegetable colours. Later some people took interest in it and motivated the women to translate their art from walls and floors to the canvas and now the new form has given this a very distinct identity in the art world as well as in the market. This folk art has a history, a cultural background, women’s monopoly and distinct regional identification. Where is Mithila? What is the cultural and historical significance of this land? Why is it that this art is that special in Mithila? We are trying to teach to the present genaration. 


  1. Nice Initiative......Hat's of to u...

    Kumar Kali Bhushan
    Keoti- Mumbai

  2. Many many thanks for giving us this moral support Thatswhy we are able to carry our mission.


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