Sunday, 17 April 2011

Tricks and Tips of of Mithila Paintings

Here are some tips and tricks which should be kept in mind when you are you learning making Mithila Painting:

1. Choose a colorful design: It is often seen that tradionally there are only basic colours used like orange, green and red but you can add colurs like pink, purple, blue to make it more attractive.

2- Choose a design that is simple.
The design pattern should be simple and clear !

3-Trace the design well: If you do not trace it well, you will find yourself in trouble later. You can make improvements in designs like changing the features of face later.

4-Choose a theme.
If you are making more than one painting then choose a theme e.g.Krishna because each painting has certain meaning or situation

5-Don't limit youself : If you don't want a painting then you can always make a bookmark, card or table mats with Madhubani and laminate them.

6. Add a beautiful border: Make sure you have a border . It will add a new dimension to your painting

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